Top Jewelry Trends of 2017 set to Slay 2018

latest jewelry trends for 2018
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latest jewelry trends for 2018

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I am putting this post happily in continuation to my previous post on Top 2017 Clothing Trends that are still going strong except that this one is about Top Latest Jewelry Trends.

1. Ear Tunnels

Challenging the rebellious and anarchic perimeters of the independent women, designers rocked their models with a lot of punk added on the Gothic gloom. Ear tunnels (aka Gauged lobes/ ear gauges)  was one such trend with origins a few years back that reemphasized itself through the flashy runways and downtown corridors alike.


Ear stretching body jewelry

Dark Ear Tunnels/ Ear guages

2. Multi- Layering 

That also meant getting those unused necklaces, rings and earrings that we hoard from eternity and experiment endlessly forming maximum layers (to the extent of creating a metal barrier with necklaces for your heart). A Pro Tip: Focus specifically on metals, three or four cascading neck-chains dropping down the neck with dangling pensile charms. Then throw an occasional string of beads or pearls to add an interesting dimension. Remember Necklace Multi-layering is not exclusively for front- Invert backwards on back-bearing dresses for the elegance overload. Same goes with the earrings, bracelets and rings.


How to sport a layered necklace

Multi-layering Jewelry

3. Bold Chains

No body part was spared of chains. This easy to adapt trend for commoners was made up of Crazy mishmash of Bold chains on head, wrists, neck, chests, ears and ankles fittingly heighten-ed the Punk festival.



4. Septum Nose-rings

Another jewelry Trend from past that went viral was Septum Rings. Though septum rings have been an integral part of many Asian traditions, it saw a new sun recently all over the globe. Even Non-‘punk devotees’ doted on the thought of incorporating septum rings in their casual and elegant daily styles and worked enchanting spells.

Septum Ring on Rihanna

5. Mismatched Earrings

Matchy-matchy Game was thrown off the balance: Mismatched earring and Single earrings became the rage.  Pro Styling Tips thus- 1. When in Doubt, try challenging your minimalist predilections and embrace asymmetry. 2. Differ earrings in lengths or differ at the level of ear-piercings.

Unmatched Earrings

6.Tassels and Pompoms

Tassels and Pompoms raided jewelry trends territory this time punching higher than ever before. Two terms: 1.Ethnic and 2.Colorful sealed the deal for us. Necklace, earrings, bracelet or belts were adorned with varied permutations and combinations of  tassels and pompoms to create an atmosphere of fun  and sophistication at the same time. Be it for evening wear, weddings or for a 9 to 5.

Tasseled over!

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