Top Jewelry Trends of 2017 set to Slay 2018

latest jewelry trends for 2018
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7.Ear Crawlers

Ear Cuffs returned from 1990s, reformed and adjusted to suit everyone’s comfort zone: pierced or non-pierced. These babies were made to crawl the ears in varied sizes suiting every ear-shape, to be worn on either one side or both , singly or in clusters- now that’s what you call ‘Adaptability’.

Ear Crawlers well-positioned

8Tribal Inspired

Tribal jewelry strengthened earthy connections of Urban fashionistas. Metal jewelry (with old coins, animal, plants and Goddesses as themes) and traditional seed-beads jewelry with talisman-like accents yielded mesmerizing looks.

Tribal and Boho Vibes

9.Geometric Jewelry

When all geometrical shapes that can be though of intersected in cleverly positioned manner, iconic designs are produced. These engaging materialization of geometric shapes on jewelry pieces: bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings,  took the proponents of Minimalism by storm. Charming juxtapositions of squares, rectangles, triangles, circles and straight lines imparted geometric pleasures.

Coz’ I love Maths!

10.Half-done pieces

Uncovering the magic of incompleteness, yet nothing short of fulfillment, Half-done jewelry pieces were designed for this year’s runways. We loved Half-done choker necklaces (with or without pendants) and a smattering of unfinished rings, bracelets and earrings that philosophically defined the ‘sophistication in incompleteness’.

Completeness in the halves

11Jingling Charms and Amulets

Clusters of stars, suns, keys, hearts, books, evil eyes, half moons and all the jazz  jingled-jangled happily on earrings, necklaces, brooches and body jewelry. Plus an added advantage, these amulets will protect from harms- just kidding! Another Pro Tip: DIY these by inserting loose charms and even rings on neck-chains.

Charm-ing all the way


12Kaleidoscopic Gemstones and Beadwork

Taking us back to our childhood, red-blue color spectrum and pastel shaded kaleidoscopic gems were used to form elongated head-turners. We spotted these Chic massive chokers and dangling earrings and many similars made up of iridescent geometric beads that are still going strong this New year.

Gems for the child in us


13. Chokers

Year 2017 started with a storm of  Lacey Chokers that heightened by the mid year and then was about to face a slow death, just about the time when designers came up with metal and leather chokers mixed with gems and mega-Logos shaping up a fresh enlightenment. These innovative mixed breed of chokers is continuing to shine glamour parades this year.

choker trend choker necklace

Choked on Chokers


Which ones are your favourites?


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