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Proper method and benefits of OIl Cleaning
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Benjamin Franklin once said “Apart from death and tax, nothing is inevitable”.

Let’s face it; many other phenomena seem to occur without any explanation, indefinitely. Sweet smell of the earth after the rains? Sunburns in summer? Blooming flowers in spring? And so does the dryness of skin in winters. Today I am sharing with you an effective way to combat dryness and clear your skin.

Many of us are aware of Grandma’s old recipe of curd and Gram’s flour to clean and moisturize skin in winters (and my Mom swears by it!). Its time we pass on a new technique further down the generations. It’s called OCM –“Oil Cleaning Method”. The principle of it being ‘oil-kills-oil’ just as ‘diamond cuts diamond’.

Our facial skin is regularly infused with natural oils produced in our skin called sebum secreted by sweat glands underneath our skin which moisturizes it for good but also may foster dirt and bacteria over time and results in breakouts. OCM consists of cleaning face with oil and steaming it for a few minutes afterwards so that healthy oil penetrates layers of skin and dissolves sebum, dirt and entrapped bacteria enabling an effective drain out.

Proper method and benefits of OIl Cleaning

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Method goes on like this (preferably to be done at night before sleep):

  1. Apply your oil mix (Castor oil with Virgin Coconut oil is best= 1:1 ratio) on dry face and massage for 3 to 5 mins in circular motions.
  2. Heat some water in a separate pan. Avoid heating it to the scorching point and make it just bearable enough warm for the facial skin.
  3. Drench a small towel in water and squeeze excess.
  4. Let the towel sit on face for 50-60 secs. By that time, it will cool down to the ambient temperature and not feel hot, sealing it from sides with both hands so that steam doesn’t escape from the sides.
  5. Repeat this process 4-5 times and wipe off the excess oil in the last go.
  6. Follow it up with your favourite night cream, face oil or moisturizing lotion afterwards and go to sleep.
  7. Do this process 3 times a week to maintain a young, clear, glowing skin away from ‘DRY’.
  8. Remember to keep your towel clean after each use for next time and always sundry to avoid skin infections.

Tip: Its best to use Virgin coconut oil with castor oil but you can use a regular coconut oil too. Don’t know what is a Virgin oil? Read for incredible uses of Virgin coconut oil here.

This has been immensely effective for me so far. Hope it does same for you.

Try it and tell me your experiences. I’ll be happy to read.



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