Proper Way to Choose and Wear Nude Lipstick

how to choose and wear perfect nude lipstick shade
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Proper way to choose and wear nude lip shade

If there’s been a simple trick for me to complete a simple look without going OTT (over the top) and looking quickly slapped together, it’s got to be wearing a Nude shade of lipstick to add a hint of freshness (in the same way a nude manicure does). It states, “I do try but not too hard” which is exactly the thing I depict while beautifying with makeup. Choosing the right kind of nude is not always easy. It’s far from buying Nude underwear or a foundation, where playing matchy-matchy to the skin tone is a Rule. Trust me, the story of choosing the perfect nude is actually poles apart.

According to me, getting the Objective right is more than half the work done. Objective of a Nude Lipstick (for me) is to emphasize the shape of lips and the texture of face, either by making them a bit darker or lighter, but in an all-natural way. In case you struggle with choosing and wearing the right Nude Lip Shade, I bring you My immensely useful Guide Lines:

1. Apply on Smoothed Lips:

First things first, always start on a smoothed lip surface. You should prep the lips with a moderate intensity scrub prior to any application. Scrubbing rubs off the dead skin thus revealing the real tone of the lips underneath.

2. Testing the Tone:

While choosing the perfect nude, always test On the Lips and not at the back of your hands. Reason: The skin tone of your Lips and face is not same as that at the back of your palm. Applying directly on Lips help you to access how the particular shade looks and feels –

A. On your lip’s skin and

B. While juxtaposed with the tone and texture of the facial skin.

3. Steer to the Spotlight:

Decide prior to application which feature you want to put the Spotlight on. If you wish to highlight your facial and lip tones, go for slightly darker shades to bring out the lip shape and also subtly contrast the facial skin. But if you want to focus solely on eyes, choose a shade lighter than the lip or facial skin.


4. Run the Trials:

Try and try till you find the right shade following the steps above. Generally, fairer skin tones should reach for pinkish shades, mid tones should look for caramel colours and dark skinned beauties can go for lighter and bronzy colours. But that’s not an absolute guide of course, try with different shades in a shop and choose finally whatever best accentuates your desired features.

5. Add some gloss:

To avoid the ‘Zombie’-ish look you sometimes get with slightly ashy colours, a useful tip would be to use a clear gloss over the shade. This automatically defines the shape of the lips and also makes the face brighter with minimal effort.

6. When in Doubt:

A layer of lip-balm with SPF or lip plumping balms underneath can promote blood flow in the lips which will bring out the natural colour of the lips without having to wear more pinkish shades.


how to choose and wear perfect nude lipstick shade

What’s Your Tip to choose a great shade for enhancing your skin tone and not looking washed out? I would love to know.

Tell me in the comments section below.


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