Revisiting Retro

Polka dot retro look inspiration
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It’s hard to refute some things wired in our subconscious like ‘Polka dots are Retro by all means’. Here’s a look totally borne of the belief that this cluster is all the more elegant then its singleton counterpart- Bindi.

On the other hand, it’s a happy chance when the things you hate don’t remain the same. Like cricket is not 50 overs long anymore and we thankfully have more channels on TV than 90’s. The constant cheering and chirping while the game is on, has been a lullaby for me since ages and so it’s a shame I complain so much. I still prefer to sleep on it. It still works.

Oops I Just compared Retro with Cricket. Holy me! It’s just my frustration arising from not being able to stop my Cousin Fellas from watching it all the time.



Tell me how you liked this Retro Look? Have you gotten any Retro look to share, send that to me at and I’ll feature it here.

Rakshabandhan is near. In case you need a little gifting inspiration for your sisters, get it all here.

See you Soon.




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