How to get Authentic Momos in Delhi

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I was fed on momos from a very early age. The very age of Chip-n-dale, Uncle Scrooge, Ramayana and Flop Show which now seems so ancient, almost reminding how fast we are moving.

I still have vivid remembrances of picnics around Indus river with momos steaming to music and dance in the background and we (as children) two-timing and tearing all the apples n apricots off the trees in the surrounding world. These were the 7 years of my early life spent in Leh, Ladakh.

After moving to Delhi, momos were invariably made it to the ‘missed-most’ list. Initially a surprise, the surge of momo-culture in Delhi during late 90s, soon left me insatiate for originality. There were momos of all kinds including all those kinds which were never supposed to exist, made by confused entrepreneurs who felt leaving out on momo-culture was a major loss. And loss it was for sure, for masses ate what shouldn’t be named momos and notably relished them at the same time too.
After more than 2 decades of a hunt, only I was up for a pleasant surprise at this place we (me and my sister) entered with our brains fried out on a hot Delhi summer afternoon. Right at the time when vision gets all hazy yet enables you to ‘see’ the actual movement of the air itself, we entered this restaurant called Rollmaal at Sarojini Nagar Delhi.


Rollmaal food joint Sarojini Nagar Review


Rollmaal food joint Offers Sarojini Nagar-Noida -Gurgaon Review


I admit the name didn’t catch my fancy at all (I am not a roll fan) but the image of momos on the door did (though with a sheepish faith). ‘Pictures on the door’ and ‘Plate on the table’ do differ about 98% of the times. Who dare disagree? Soon an order of one plate Chicken steamed momos (navratras on) and a Khurchan roll was made to a Gandhi-topi-and-achkan-dhari  rather polite waiter uncle. A wait devoid of great anticipations followed while we appreciated a bottle of chilled water and the unusual interiors/ ambiance (Photos below).


Rollmaal food joint Sarojini Nagar-Noida -Gurgaon


Rollmaal food joint Noida Review


Rollmaal food joint Sarojini Nagar Review


All I can say is the Plate that finally made it to the table was definitely worth it. Only after a few seconds (i.e. approximately the time in which momos evaporated to the air), a casual glance at the menu showed these were actually called ‘Tibetan Style Chicken Steamed Momos’. The roll that accompanied was average (both taste and look-wise) and hence seemed a misnomer to the shop. Other people were mostly seen ordering from Chinese menu, but our bellies were full to brim for further experimentation.


Sarojini nagar Rollmaal


Rollmaal food joint Sarojini Nagar-Noida -Gurgaon Review




Rollmaal food joint Sarojini Nagar Menu


Rollmaal food joint Chicken khurchan Roll


Now if Tibetan is the real momo for you, You know exactly how to get authentic ones in Delhi.

Anyone tried this place yet? Any other places I should try?

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Unbiased review of Rollmall Sarojini Nagar

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–  Subremesa

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