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Clever shopping secrets for women

Knew it or not, smart clever choices do matter when one is to look her best without spending a whole lot of cop. Hence i share with you some clever shopping secrets to get you through the market glitterati with a sane mind.  Start considering the  basics below while heading to shop.


how to shop for bags

Be it handbags, satchels, backpacks or clutches, a variety of raw materials are in use for their manufacturing. Rexene, plastic, leather, cloth, glass, grass and pu-leather are a few examples.

  • Pu-leather (aka poly-urethane leather) is an artificial polymer which has the texture similar to leather and is available in differing grades of pureness. Though it is a great alternative to leather, it is a bit heavier in weight. Besides not all pu-leather bags have the same soft or rich feel. Hence, do make sure to avoid ones with a ‘fake-ey’ feel to them. Chase for a softer and less heavy option which will be easier to carry.
  • Avoid bags with a chunky big badges or ornaments clinging from their body. They downgrade the whole look.
  • Avoid buying too shiny looking bags that are polymers of cheap plastic or Rexene.
  • Fine grass-work and wood structured-bags or clutches look classy without being too hard on the pocket. Trick is to buy from the fairs where artisans directly sell their hand-made goods.


how to buy correct shoes

  • As with the bags, so goes with the shoes. There’s no reason to look bad if you can’t afford pure leather. Pu-leather and Swede-leather (a tad bit more expensive though) shoes, if well chosen as per your fit and desired style, will make you look no less chic.
  • Wooden block-edged heels are all time classics that do last for quiet long.
  • Kolhapuri’s leather jootis, plain or in coloured threaded-motifs complement Indian traditional wear very well. Also they go well with some western-wears like ankle-length jeans.


How to shop for appropriate jewelry

  • All sorts of American diamonds and Austrian diamonds are widely available in the markets cuffing up to replace real diamonds. They come in all grades of shines or reflectivity. Some have a better shine than others. Some say American diamonds, Austrian diamonds and Swarovski, all are but the same thing. But I personally feel there is a slight difference amongst them. Always look for the proper shine differences at the time of buying (in daylight if possible).
  • Avoid pieces with too many diamonds for daywear. Instead go for small and cute designs with few diamonds and use them as statement pieces for daily-wear. Elaborate designs are better for parties or marriages.
  • Look carefully for the gaps between the diamonds. Sometimes metal protrudes through them, totally wrecking the whole design. You are looking here for a cleaner look with well-assembled diamonds.
  • While dressing for occasions or a party, go for neatly packed diamond earrings but try them on carefully with the whole look. Too big (broad-designed) earrings might look like a blunder on big and medium sized faces but paradoxically look ravishing on dainty thin faces.
  • Neatly packed and medium sized pieces impart a rich feel. Look for the same in bracelets and bangles.
  • As for the rings, avoid chunky artificial stones that have a ‘fake-ey’ look. On the other hand, natural-looking stones can build-up your whole ensemble one step higher. Fake- looking stones also usually fall out in a few days of use. More smoothly rounded stones with good shine give a realistic feel (even though they are not real precious stones). These are the ones to consider while you buy rings.


how to choose and buy women clothes

  • Cheap and very thin tapestry or laces sewed on to a thick piece of cloth on borders, is a strict no-no. Exceptions to this rule may rarely look good.
  • Daily wear dresses with thin fabric with chunky big neck-pieces or beads on the necklines are a turn-off as they outshine the fabric and mar the whole look. Instead go for solid coloured beads, light mirror-work or appliqués that are not too heavy on the fabric.
  • Refrain from wearing too loud (big/shiny) neck-pieces on dresses with large prints of very bold multi-colours. If you want to dress such a dress, the correct way would be using a single bold colour necklace (not multi-colour).
  • If embroidery is done with cheaper threads and not silk (as may be the case when you spend less), go for a neatly well packed pattern with no visible gaps showing the fabric underneath. Otherwise, it will undermine the whole pattern.
  • Too flimsy fabrics that require the wearer to wear a slip underneath the outfit itself are not very well worth the buy. Don’t even bother buying them!


Add to that some imagination and creativity, one can look quite a thing in any given grim day.

Give your suggestions too. I will appreciate.

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