The Art of Smart-ifying Casual Outfits and Other Truths

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It’s a moot point as to wear casuals truly for that sole purpose or to be treated as a base for further amplification. At instances, it’s like the best comfort food one may ever ask for while at times other than that, it’s a pain to let casuals be slipped into as such without any smartness added to it, very much like adding or avoiding salt to your spaghetti, where personal choices supersede every time (spare olive oil, it’s a norm).


Once smart-ifying gets to be the singular intension of styling, following is the way I suggest:

1. Choose a Muted (spell casual) Base:

Every look needs a starting point lead by your current fancy. Only thing is to choose the right sort of casuals- single coloured bottoms, tops, full dress (that now miraculously fits you after a week’s long juice detox) or kitten heels whichever you may choose. Comfortable is not the only factor to consider- better choose something comfortable yet sharp like a clean-cut blazer instead of an ill-fitting one, tapered pants rather than slouchy ones or a darted shirt rather than a loose one. That also means a farewell to sandals, way too casual to deliver the flair.

2. Create contrast:

Contrast is the game-changer. Assemble the pairings that Juxtapose each other. Choose a bright top on a muted bottoms, a well fitted top on roomy pants or a glossy jacket on a textured knit. Or explore in terms of incorporating lovely eye-catching prints yet without going overboard.

3. Add an Unexpected Detail:

If your outfit is nothing attention grabbing yet, add an amazing detail, not necessarily (or rather shouldn’t be) the one that receives gasps of shock from passers-by, but something rather unusual and unexpected. It may be a Clashy accessory, a sparkly shoe or a way-too-huge of a scarf.

4. Mess with it till you are Happy:

How you wear anything is almost as important as what you wear (if not more so). Simple way of wearing a shirt when done in different ways: front tuck for smart casuals, side tuck for deliberate detachment or no tuck at all for an oversized vibe. So get in front of a mirror and mess with the look- be it a sleeve roll, cuff turn, belt cinch or collar flip. This will change E-v-e-r-y-thing trust me.

5. Pass the Comfort Test:

Since comfort is the motive we are after with casuals, putting the final outfit to test is imperative. Too high of a heel make it impractical strutting for long (if long walks or travel is the intended purpose of casuals) with blister factories at soles. Practicality has to be the final question before leaving the house. Think of the day ahead, just in case windy Un-skirt-friendly atmosphere leaves you in an awkward situation. 😳



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