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The Hypotenuse

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A sibling can be the greatest gift from your parents that might have gone un-thanked. And not because you are an unthankful person, but because maybe it never presented so as in the forefront. I remember thanking my mom for a whole lot of things (including her fabulous cooking and unfathomable love) and expressing the due gratitude. But never have I thanked her for giving me my sister. It’s stupid how we recall things rarely so, even while we realize them all along.

My vision might differ from those with a multitude of siblings (which is much lesser the case in nuclear families of today). They say it’s a whole new Mathematics there. May be the one which I never got to calculate.


how to accessorize women's black trouser subremesa.com best indian fashion blog

pairing a women's black trouser subremesa.com best Indian fashion blog

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Pairing black women's trouser subremesa.com best indian fashion blog


In my insane times, she has been the Sane. And I have been sane when she’s been childish. It may be hard to understand a person fully, but I never felt I knew her any less until we got working on SUBREMESA. Small details must have fooled me, I say. Like how we automatically dance to the same tune in an unparalleled accord, where one completes and proceeds with the stupid movements of the other’s hands, then arms, then feet and then the body. But the greater whole is sometimes not the sum of all these smalls. Like the Hypotenuse! We both are like straight lines at right angles to each other. The Hypotenuse we make might not be the sum of us both, it has always  been more than that and we make a lovely and prosperous triangle.

Blessed is Subremesa for she’s the Technical Head behind her. Besides she loves fashion and experimenting with poses. You will meet her in many a posts to come.

This post is to celebrate the whole new professional dimensions we explore in each other, at ‘Right’ angles. And here’s to the togetherness as we walk Subremesa to sublime.



Ensemble :

Trouser: H & M/ T-shirt: Reliance Trends

Necklace: African statement piece from Delhi International Trade Fair 2013

Satchel: From trip to Hong Kong

Ring: Forever 21/ Heels: Dressberry/ Eye gear: Flipkart


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