Top 10 Clothing Trends of 2017 that are yet to stay in 2018

2017 fashion trends for women that will stay strong in 2018
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Year 2017 was a humongous style cracker in terms of what it offered widely through the fashion shows that transcended seamlessly to Fashion weeks audiences and thence to Street styles. In the beginning of this new year 2018, I start with compiling some of the best Trends of the past year that are alive, kicking and ready to extend deeper into your wardrobes. I call this year a Fashion Roller Coaster ride with Eighties and the Nineties coming back in and then maneuvering in circles.

2017 fashion trends for women that will stay strong in 2018

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1. Fancy Furs

We saw Furs around necks either as necklines or stoles and tails made of fur, extensively used as an epitome of Luxury when layered on simple textures of fabrics lying underneath. Not only there, many heels, gilets, clutches, handbags and even earrings were seen sporting tad bits of furs attached to them. Furs are not all about winters anymore but amiably tolerating many degrees up and heating the style game.

Fashion trends 2017 2018 fashion weeks

Furs and Luxury

2. Nets and Sheers

Sheers and Nets infused femininity into street styles with minimal efforts. Simple layering of netted stockings, sheer tops and flimsy dresses  added a quick pinch of femme into otherwise bland and uni-sexual outfits.

See through Sheers


3. Denim Revamped 

A lot of experimentation took place with Denims including :1.Embroidery, 2.Oil Painting, 3. Patching and Brooching (see below) and 4. Stretching and Fraying of threads (vertically or horizontally) creating a wide variety of looks. These are easy D.I.Y s to do at home with a bit of skill and interest and so likely to be appreciated further this year worldwide.

Activated Denims

4 . Patches & Brooches

Embroidery patches and Metal Brooches in quirky and fun patterns are the easiest tricks to transform any outfit – summers or winters- without fail.

Patching n’ Broaching

5. Pajama Femme 

Pajamas and Pajama Parties left the nights and moved to daylight. Well coordinated accessories with captivating prints in Satin/Silk textures blurred the boundaries of time as suave fashionistas sauntered the aisles of fashion weeks with these on broad daylights.

Pajama on the Roads

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