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Top Must Have Fall Sweaters for Fashionable Winters

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The colder months in Delhi can get so harsh; it’s a steal to know what exactly to stock up for stylish yet warmer life. It’s getting quite interesting now when knitwear every year is getting more innovative than the previous years, one is sure to find something suiting to the taste.

I have sorted out the stylish essentials below. One piece from each of the categories below should suffice your styling needs for a variety of fashionable outfits. It can be taken as a nifty tip on a tight budget.


1. Textured Sweaters

Textures have been a major ordeal for me in the past seasons but have now grown on me. The reason being that they are much more refined now and give an extra edge to the final outfits. Look for interesting textures like feathers (on sweaters and ponchos), oversized cables that pop off the surface, ribbed cables, embossed designs or smoking details. Examples are given below.


stylish sweater for winters


2. Colour-rich Sweaters

Always stock up on 2-3 interesting bold colours for knitwears. Try unusual hot pinks, cobalt blues, coppers and oranges, emerald greens or even jewel- silver or gold tones. They are a great idea for winter get-togethers and parties like New Year and Christmas. Metallic colours can amp up your steetstyle with almost no effort.



3. Sweaters with Interesting Prints and Materials

Prints, patterns and materials are keys to create magic. Leopard print, polka dots and vertical Stripes are versatile prints to look for, when in doubt. Also scout for a variety of materials like denim or velvets. All prints look great with a jeans, trousers or skirts.



4. Embellished Sweaters:

This season, Special details on sweaters are being emphasized a lot. Details like embroideries, patchworks, sequins, pearls are popular accents to expect in several knits. Some even have Lace detailing on the lengths of arms or sides and plastered graphic prints on the chest panel. Explore all lengths and widths to your heart’s content.



5. Sporty and Active wear Sweaters:

Never neglect active-wear. It is used most often in daily life. Gym or a walk to nearby shops for daily groceries- you’ll use it more often than you think. Ideal colours would be neutrals like beige, army greens, light reds or pastel pinks. Comfort should be the foremost criteria followed by palatable colours. So consider comfortable fabrics and stitches that don’t restrict movement. Below are some super-affordable and chic options.



Have you bought anyone of these? Or do you possess something already from previous seasons? What would be your next addition to winter closet?

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must have sweaters for fall and winters

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