An Artsy Assembly

Fashion blogger approved Outfit idea for Pyjama re-fashioned!
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Stylish Braids hairstyle by Fashion blogger Subremesa

This outfit post is at loss for words for its title. After a session of brainstorming that didn’t help greatly, partially on account of feeling drunk on heat during this Delhi summer, here is a title somehow and has definitely got to do with the mind of an artist who uses fashion as an art-form when in her usual mood and also in the better times.

Story of this assembly you are witnessing in today’s snaps goes like this. One fine day in the beginning of these summers, I was in need of comfy capris for home. Market was flooded with these pyjamas in all shades one can imagine but no capris. So I made a swift cut to satiate my desire and let the ends fray for a while. While it stayed hung in the almirah, I felt it begged if not shouted for a make-over.

pyjama outfits for the fashion week

That is actually when that white cropped top married an oversized blue balloon top while snipped capris were carelessly tied around the waist and left like so.

puffed sleeves balloon top outfit

Transitional dressing ashion

Conjuring styles with Minimal details and tricks that can create unexpectedly charming looks, like my No-sew Skirt– I admit, are my favourite ways of all time (And you must be knowing this already if you follow my Outfit posts from the past).

Hope you enjoyed the assembly.

boho metal necklace outfit idea

All you Delhites beat the heat with the cooler styling. Need me? I’m always there.

Post your queries and comments below.


Get the Look:

  • Black Pyjamas: try snipping these
  • Silver Heels: try these by Steve Madden
  • Blue Balloon top: self made
  • White Cropped Top: here
  • Metal Necklace: try these 


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