Unique ways to wear long coats in winter

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chic ways to wear long coats in winters

This post is all about adding a zing to the long coats as you gear to don up some one of these chilly winter mornings.


Add a scarf to your long coat preferably on the same neutral pallet your coat is in. The hanging neck-piece is creating the illusion of being-one with the coat itself (though you know its not).


Break the minimal monochrome outfit with a contrast color that stands out in the subtlety.


Dark coats (in a chromatic-synchrony with one of the outfit components), will let the lighter colors of the inner outfit create a statement. Its intelligent to play around with the shirt that will be the center of attraction in the otherwise mono-tone (as done below).


Layer hoodies, sweaters or sweatshirts under the long coats and don’t be afraid to flaunt the layers sneaking throughout.


Another glimpse of layering coat with the sporty sneakers for an off-duty relaxed look.


Who says denim on denim can’t go with a coat-over?


Your bodycon overalls can get effortlessly trendy by adding a simple long coat.


A technically altered monochrome by adding simply a printed coat. Hello stripes and plaids!


Blue-on blue-on blue and the sneakers of course!


Learn to layer long garment on another (of a comparable length). Textures not only set them apart but define the layers too.


There goes 1 to 10 Gals.

Which ones are your favorites? Do drop by and share.



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Ideas to wear long coats in Winters.

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