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tips and styles of off shoulders
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Hi all,

This post will feature interesting ideas to wear your off-shoulders.

Of all the fashion trends that have been around, one that has been a sure crowd puller is the off shoulder trend. I still wonder why? Why, because it’s been one of the most wrongly styled garments around.  As for me, I fairly won’t give a damn if baring your shoulders is not backed up with a fair reason and a clear thought process.  And believe me, it is quiet common running into someone screwing it all up. Not that it’s a rocket science; but it has got its fair share of play rules. Try playing it without a clue for a look that gets a nose swan dive (I swear). Off-shoulder pieces are tricky babies and have to be planned well in advance and handled with care.

Below are some inspirations that have done this trend a justice. And there’s a fair reason why they look so chic the way they are coordinated.

1. Correspond the colors:

Matching the color of your top with the heels and other accessories is a handy tip to score higher for a simpler plain-Jane piece. Maintaining preferably higher color contrasts with the co-ord garment, add that appealing pinch of glow to the overall.

Off shoulder

2. Playing with textures:

Pairing nets with a non-net less delicate fabric is a win-win situation. Nets are delicate textures and portray softer and romantic attributes. Adding a thicker texture for the co-ord invariably act as the backbone for the outfit. No wonder they complement what each other lacks. Denim with the net ( as below) is a well played shot.

Play with textures

3Keeping it light:

Pieces from a lighter color palette like pastels with white create a eye-soothing story. It’s such a better way to survive the summer heat and look classy at the same time.


4. A different Drape:

When is an off-shoulder like a salsa to the nachos? Answer: when it’s off ONE shoulder. Just like adding the tang to the cuisine. For this quirky take on off-shoulder outfits, just wear it off one shoulder. Tuck the remaining sanity down your high rise pants or skirts.


5. Highlighting the co-ord:

Adorn a white plain off-shoulder on a statement co-ord piece. It would give it all the more reason to be a ‘Statement’ without you having to shout and tell which garment is the king here. It’s them those speak sense, who speak less often. So girls, let it speak less and speak sense once it does.


For now, the trend is here to stay. Meanwhile, I endorse giving it all the due respect and abide by the rules for the fair play. Not to mention my experimentation, for any one of these days, I may be creating new ones and start a new creed (any day).



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tips and styles of off shoulders

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