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Get That Perfect Griege for The Bold look

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How would you like to go about trying a new lipstick shade that makes you look like a dead man’s cyanosed lips? (Cyanosed- cyan by color, you know what i am taking about). I see you Cringing, yes i do! Trust me, it’s not that scary.

So what is Graige? : Graige is a mix of Grey and beige but also craft-fully hems in grey with mauve or lavender or grey with brownish taupe bases to render a set of edgy cool neutral tones to die for. Earlier used to define colors of paints on walls, now the word ‘Graige’ itself got a modish purpose of life.

I won’t say it’s a piece of a cake to pull this trend especially when the goal is to look bold and edgy and not hypothermic. Not trying to intimidate you, I am opining that the idea needs a bit of thought to be put into.


Implementing Griege in different ways.

Meanwhile I deliver a few simple workable directives that should help you:


  1. Fuse a bolder color (like purple labelled 1. in diagram above) outwards and a lighter griege in the middle to present a sophisticated + eased It’s also the easiest one to carry for everyone. Dark skinned beauties would also find it much easier to pull off.
  2. Or toss a look like picture 2 covering a greater area with griege (with mauve tones) to amp up that Edge in that edgy.
  3. Another interesting idea is 3 where adding a little (not heaps) sparkle does wonders for special occasions (when you won’t eat that much and better be on a diet!). Hope D.U college girls are listening!
  4. Griege works great with western outfits with minimal efforts.
  5. However Indian Attire would work wonders if dress is in lighter shades of beige, light pastel shades of all colors or even all-over grey outfit
  6. Darker skins will be complemented greatly with matte Do NOT go for non-matte creamy texture. Also be careful that the shade you choose darker undertones of mauve and lesser percentage of grey or beige or else lips would be ‘ashy’. I suggest applying Cashmere by Lime Crime and ColorPop Ultramatte liquid lipstick in Kapow here.
  7. Its a great shade for Fall than any other season.
  8. No-one should detest a little originality in styling. I absolutely believe this and encourage everyone to put more imagination and try new ways out with this shady shade.


Our Suggested Awesomes below:


How I wish to do a look with this any time later.

Also would come back with the best lipsticks available today for this trend. Until then, take care!

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