Dressing for Power

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green dupatta outfit


Hoping the longevity of my judgement not parting me for eternal ahead, I would continue to take Power for a relatively relative terminology. Relative as in comparison to the other side, one always has a liberty to decide upon whom is the power to be exercised and for what reasons it is chased so. Non-mattering if that comes from cash, car, house, politics, food or attire, it all matters relatively different to every individual.


green dupatta outfit


For instance, power dressing signifies, in worldly terms, a range of attire intended to establish authority on professional and political grounds. For yours truly, however it signifies any dressing that liberates one to the confidence not only entailing professional and political spheres but empowering each ephemera of one’s existence.


green-pink dress



Like an idea that flourished from the fancy of a skirt with a particular drape I intended to create instantly in a no-sew way.  Add to that lately envisioned marriage of Pink and Green with something almost like desperation to attend on urgent basis that particular day.


pink leggings outfit


Happy Power Dressing dear Folks!


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how to make a no sew skirt

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