What’s in a Snail Cream: An Anti-Aging Elixir?

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What is a snail cream

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It’s not a pretty sight to see or even imagine snails crawling up your face. Now think about paying about $250 for this in the spas of Thailand and Japan. This apparently has never stopped Vanity vultures in Korea, Japan and Thailand from trying Snail facials where actual snails smear the much useful slime all over the face to get benefit of eternal youth.

How valid are the purported claims of this mystical Elixir of youth scientifically still remains a shot-in-the-dark. However, the concept has enthusiastically crawled the markets of US and Europe after nearly a decade and taking Divas by the storm. Some say that even though it was used as a minute ingredient in some of the beauty products since several years, companies refrained from advertising it in full swing until now when customers are willing to try anything under the sun to look ‘the best edition’ of themselves.

Harvest and Ingredients:

Snail cream and Snail products are made of the purified extract (called Helix Aspersa Muller Glycoconjugates) derived from the snail slime. Slime is actually harvested by irritating a live snail’s skin with a wooden stick or something similar and not from dead crushed snails (A relief!). Mucin or slime that snail produces helps it to crawl and also protects it from harmful UV rays, minor cuts, dangerous bacteria and other predators.  This natural biochemical product is also known to contain elastin, collagen, glycoprotein enzymes, copper peptides, antimicrobials, allantoin, glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid as the useful ingredients some of which are already in use in the beauty industry since ages.


Hippocrates has been attributed for one of the earliest Dermatological testing of this elixir in Ancient Greece to promote healing of skin and inflammation. Fast forward many years later, in a recent past (1995) some farmers in Chile noticed minor cuts and wounds of their hands healing faster while handling snails.


benefits of snail cream

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Benefits of Snail Cream?

  • Elastin and Collagen are those important proteins in skin tissues that work together to maintain stiffness, shape and strength. Collagen provides rigidity while Elastin allows the skin to stretch. Snail extract enhances production of these proteins in skin and thus maintain youthfulness.
  • Snail products used in a regular regime also treat difficult acne problems.
  • One particular benefit is minimizing dark spots and old scars.
  • Minimizes wrinkles.
  • Smoothens skin.

Note: Always do a patch test before trying a Snail product to rule out allergies!


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Buy Online India:

For help, I have compiled a few Best Available Snail creams in India for now.


where to buy best Snail creams in India

Details below as per numbering

  1. Snail White Secretion Filtrate Moisture Facial Anti-wrinkle Cream by Snail White
  2. Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream by COSRX
  3. Snail Care Emulsion by Swanicoco
  4. Mizon All-in-one Snail Repair Cream by Mizon





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