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Where are my Earrings?

how to find a lost earring
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how to find a lost earring fast

brown cotton kurta with silver buttons

What is your today’s agenda, you may ask.

‘Ever lost an earring?’may be the only answer I can possibly present as of now.

How aptly it gets received varies from person to person. Many a wee hours go by scouting the lost partner of earrings that I happened to see the last time at…. can’t exactly make out where and yet which also served as my second heart (even though it actually costed a nail and I happily own several hearts probably lying in my wardrobe and the dressing cabinet).

CBSE enlightened would know how lucky Mr.Kutchu was when he asked ‘Where are my glasses?’ and found them right under his nose after what I would refer to as ‘an enjoyable ruckus’. I am not even closely lucky.

The whole point of the drama is that there’s no point in crying for lost baubles if you damn can’t remember to take them out when you need them for the outfit. Don’t be amazed to see that the outfit above actually has earrings in it.  It’s actually about that very White rose I took a liberty to attach as a .png file on my curly head before hitting publish to this post. I wish I actually wore it while shooting.

On the other hand, it’s all too easy to fasten everything on to the images now days- thanks to the Beauty Image apps. Given this option, what would you choose- a real flower or a fake one?

Tell me in the comments section below. It would be great fun 😉


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